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Squares Irregular Carpet

Squares Irregular Carpet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great for the price!

Exactly what I was looking for! A cute, modern, good quality, affordable rug for my baby's nursery.

We were looking for a less expsensive option and we decided on this one based on the great review...

SO very excited about this rug! We initially had a much more expensive West Elm rug in this space, but we gota puppy last fall and she ruined it. We were looking for a less expsensive option and we decided on this one based on the great reviews. IT IS beautiful! Love it in our family room. She's already had a potty accident on it (ugh!) it cleaned right up with Resolve. No stain at all.

I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to rugs because I ...

I was pleasantly surprised with this area rug! I am pretty high maintenance when it comes to rugs because I have had so many bad ones. I was about to order a $500+ off west elm until I came across this one and thought I'd give it a try! Better then I even imagined, really good quality. Smells a little like chemicals when you open it but I just left the windows open and put a fan in the room and the smell was gone within an hour. Would definitely recommend!

Beautiful Rug!

Super soft rug. Exactly as described.

Incredible Value

It's surprisingly hard for find square rugs.. and, if you do, they're priced ridiculously. I saw the price on this one and assumed I'd be getting something low-quality. I am pleased to say I was proven wrong. This rug is great, priced at a value, and great quality.There is a bit of a smell for a couple days, but it dissipated quickly. It didn't overly bother me, but if you are sensitive to smells, I might recommend taking the plastic packaging off and letting it air out in a place like a covered porch or garage

Kelsey Archibald
I love this rug

I love this rug. It's stylish, good quality, and best of all easy to clean. I have two toddlers that have already run across it with muddy feet, poured orange juice on it, and dripped RED popsicle on it. I was able to completely clean up these messes without them leaving any stains. I was worried that the fibers would be stiff but the rug is actually really soft.

S. Lissette
Updated Review

I thought I left a review when I first purchased this but I can't seem to find it. I initially loved this rug, it was very pretty and seemed to be what I was looking for at the time, and was exactly as pictured. However, after months of use, I felt like the quality really showed. When I would vacuum it, it was hard to grab hair, lint, etc. because it was thin. The material would latch on to the hair and make it almost impossible to vacuum. Maybe that has to do with my vacuum too, but I do believe even a stronger vacuum might have the same issue. I also spilled a smoothie on the rug accidentally and it seemed like it cleaned off perfectly, but after a few days the area started to appear stained and dirty. I ended up getting rid of it.

No weird smells, good price for what it is.

Some reviews I saw people I think were expecting too much considering the amazing PRICE of this rug. I think it's perfect for the price. It's not super plush but it works if you're just looking for decor. Also, Mine didn't have any weird smells like people mentioned?

Great rug, great price, lovely design.

Other reviews were mentioning the rug arrive improperly rolled. That was not the case in my experience. This rug was delivered by my local post office, wrapped in a thick plastic exterior, properly rolled, rubberbanded and a small final layer of cling wrap to keep it tightly rolled in the middle. The edges are a bit lifted,, but i am currently leveling them out with 8lb weights.. the wrinkles throughout the rug went away almost immediately.. the scent, is typical, nothing overwhelming or unbearable. I love the design. Its pretty identical to the online picture. This is a very very low pile rug. Not a comfy cozy rug. But thats what I was looking for, having a dog, cat, and children. We have wasted way too much money on expensive luxury rugs. So this is a perfect fit for us, in this phase of life.

Plush and soft.

This rug is a lovely quality and thicker than i expected. With a half inch thick felt rug pad, it feels like extra high quality carpet over my tile floors. It's soft for my kids to play on as well. The rug came more beige than the cream I was expecting, so be aware of that when you order. It's still light and brightens up my dark basement nicely. It had a couple of very minor stains from transport or manufacturing, but they cleaned up easily. It took some time to lay flat on one end, but that is not unexpected. Highly recommend this rug, particularly for areas with kids where you want a little extra padding.