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Light Strip Starter Kit | 60LEDs/M

Light Strip Starter Kit | 60LEDs/M

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Shop Cololight water-resistant RGB lighting strip with a protective cover and works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. Perfect for outdoor and indoor decoration use.
  • Water-resistant
  • Cuttable at any length.
  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.
  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and more...
  • Group Control with Cololight Devices
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Paul Beck
A must have

We used these for a child's bedroom. We put them up and covered them with fluff to make a cloud effect. I was very impressed by the quality and brightness. The remote had fantastic features.

Awesome! But be careful

So I ordered 7 boxes of these because I had heard awesome reviews and one of my friends actually used these and they worked great. When I got them they worked awesome, they're bright, easy to apply and look stunning my only problem is the adhesive won't stick but I did some tests and it's just because of my walls. My walls aren't a fully flat surface they're bumpy (see photo) but on a smooth surface they do stick well and stay up, I was able to keep them up with some hot glue so not too much of a problem just an extra step in my case. so just be aware when you buy these they don't apply to some surfaces.

Chauntia Moye
So much joy!

I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with these!!!!!! I struggled getting them up only because I'm short and my step stool wasn't as high as I thought. Otherwise, they connected easily and were up within 30 minutes. It definitely helps my mood and can go bright and dim. Also fades and switches colors. And it has a programming setting where you can choose how you want the colors. I love them!

Buy this one!

This is actually the 4th set I buy from 4 different buyers, and the 3 times before they were crap. Not this time. I got 2 sets one for each one of my kids and let me tell you, my 13 year old installed both sets and they work perfectly. No one is paying me for this review and I am glad these 2 sets worked since I wasted so much money buying other sets and transformer thingies to fix the lights. So, yeah. Stop reading and buy your set. You'll thank me later.

Helps with nighttime anxiety!

I bought these lights because i thought they would be a cool addition to my new room, little did i expect for them to pretty much cure my years long struggle with my nighttime anxiety and panic attacks. I set them up last night and it was the first night I had gotten a full nights rest peacefully in years. I guess it's called mood lighting for a reason? It was very very easy to set up, i didn't even have to read the instructions. If you're putting them around your entire room i suggest getting the 65.5 feet. The remote control works great for me. the only thing i could complain about is the cord that holds the power brick not being long enough.

Perfect set!

~Please ignore the clutter of my house~ I am very happy with my new lights!! There is a baggy with connectors and a 4M tape to adhere the white box to the wall. I was able to put them in my kitchen and most of my livingroom. I like the remote options and the tape that adheres the light strip to the wall is really strong and sticky. I highly recommend this set!

Great product!

As described. My son loves it. He has used for over a month and work great. Remote works great when he can find it. Has all kinds of colors. Adhesive not so good. Half of it fell down the first night up. I didn't wipe down the walls before putting up so don't know if that had something to do with it. It came with tabs to put up but I ended up using clear tape to hold it up. I bought two more sets so I am happy with it.

Great deal, great product!

These lights were a fantastic deal price-wise compared to others on Amazon. Since they had good reviews I decided to try them out for our 7 year old's bedroom to replace the Christmas lights that have been up all year round Eva use he gets scared with only night lights. He LOVES them. Loves that he can change the colors to whatever he wants. Dad installed them in about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes at most. I told him he should clean the areas with rubbing alcohol but he didn't want to. The adhesive has stayed perfectly so far with no cleaning of the walls where they're up, and no brackets needed. The remote is the only downside- it's not very sensitive and I couldn't get it to work the other day when I tried various buttons. Couldn't get the lights to turn off. But my son and husband have never had a problem with the remote so who knows? Excellent buy!

Very cool lights!

Pretty nice light strips! They stick to my walls very well. Also love the DIY colors which a previous brand I bought before didn't have. Will update overtime if necessary but I'm sure these will last well.

Daniel P.
Love this strip light

Love this strip lights! It was really easy to install, big enough for the whole bedroom, I love how you can chooses any colors you want, and you can set it to changing different colors. The brightness is good as well, so far it haven't came off yet, I installed this a month ago. I wanted to wait before I give a review. be careful installing it tho, make sure you actually want to stick it to the right place because once you stick it on the wall it has to stay there or else if your going to remove it and trying sticking it back it will never stick on the wall again.