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Cowhide Mosaic Round Rug

Cowhide Mosaic Round Rug

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Everything we were hoping for

We have two rugs for our New York apartment, one is a fairly fancy, plush, and expensive rug for our living room, and the other is a fairly simple, easy to clean rug for our bedroom. As much I do like the nice rug, this one (the cheap one! ha), does absolutely everything I need it to do, frankly looks nicer (because it doesn't wear down easily), is easy to clean (my Roomba equivalent can get over it fairly easily), and is just better value.I'm by no means a rug snob (though maybe that is changing), and I've only recently started buying nicer rugs, but this guy takes the cake for value and doesn't look cheap to boot!

Chris Riggins
Cleans very well!!

I can't say enough good things about this rug. I've had it now for about 4 months with 4 children and 2 dogs, this rug really holds up well. We do vacuum it almost daily which helps BUT let me tell you...the other day my dog had cut herself in our yard and bled in 5 different areas. It cleans with ZERO stains to it!!! Holy cow, I was so impressed!! Best purchase!

natalie hayes
Good value

Looks exactly as pictured. It's a thinner rug but it's well made. No strange smell like other rugs I've purchased and the underside doesn't have that powdery coating like on some cheaper rugs. You'll want a rug grip underneath especially on hardwood floors. Just roll it in the opposite direction to get it to lay flat. Would recommend especially for the price.

Great stylish bohemian runner

This is a pretty patterned runner and provides a nice amount of coverage for my entry way hall. I bought a gently used/very good condition rug and it came in what appeared like the original packaging and looks new. I've had it for a few weeks and it hasn't collected too much debris to date, even though it's in a fairly high traffic area. Its is important to note however that no shoes are worn in the home.

Lays flat and feels plush on the feet

This is a very nice rug. The fibers (or whatever they're called) are dense, and the rug feels plush under the feet. We ordered the 10' x 14 ft, and it call in a tight roll, so there were no creases when we unrolled it. It lay almost perfectly flat immediately. The pattern is a perfect neutral. I would definitely buy this rug again.

I love this rug

I love this rugI got the 4 x 6 to put at the foot of my bed. I did not realize that my cats would love it so much! Haha It's really pretty great thickness very soft on the feet

Lady Soar
Simple, attractive, worth it

I bought two of these for exposed areas of hardwood floor. They lie flat, look good, keep my little feet warm, and so I am pleased. Note that they do not have non-slip backing, so you will want to secure them under a couple furniture legs.

Pretty area rug

This is the second one I have bought. No, don't last forever, but on sale $75 - it's a great deal and I love the rug. Love the pattern - I think it has a Scandinavian look to it - I always get compliments on it. Had the first one for 4 years or so, it's in the living room and gets traffic. Decided it was looking a little dull, found this one on sale. Very happy with it. Soft to touch, I use a good pad under.

Mikayla Kemeny
Excellent rug, stain resistant

I've had this rug for a little more than 1 year, and have loved it! We've spilled all sorts of stuff on it and it got really muddy footprints, but it's super easy to wipe up the spills and doesn't stain (doesn't have a single stain after all we've spilt on it). It's in our living room and gets traffic everyday. Excellent quality!

This rug is legit! Looks just like the pictures.

I love this rug!!! Honestly, it's hard to buy a rug online and trust that you are getting a quality product. All you have to go off of is the pictures and reviews... but sometimes even those can be fake! So I'm here to tell you that I was a VERY skeptical buyer and was cautious about buying a rug online. But this rug did look just like the pictures. I have no complaints! And it was a great price compared to the ones I found on other rug sites or even home goods/ Tj Maxx. UPDATE- 2 years later and I ended up buying the same rug AGAIN! Because I love it so much! Lol