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The Iirregular Clock Rug

The Iirregular Clock Rug

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N. Cox
Exactly what you see!

I've bought two of these in different patterns now, because they're so great. They're durable, and have a nice low pile, which is perfect for where I'm at (add a rug pad if you want cushy, these aren't). The patterns are nice and bright, and centered evenly on the rug (which is not always a given on a lower cost purchase). They vacuum up easily, even with a big shedding dog, who also chooses to lay where these two rugs are, because they're not as warm as his bed. I'll replace my hall runner with one next!

Aubrey Boucher

I didn't have super high hopes because of the price, and I thought worst comes to worst we'll have a temporary area rug. But this purchase was a smart one because this rug is gorgeous! As you can see in the picture, it's still a little wrinkled and curled because we had just laid it down but it had flattened more after this picture and will probably lay completely flat eventually. (I'll update this review if it proves otherwise). Can't speak on how easy it is to clean or how well it ages just yet, but I can definitely say that it looks and feels super hugh quality for the price point. Nothing about it seems cheap or poorly made, it looks like any rug you'd buy at a furniture store. Super impressed!


I'm not impressed with this rug. The edges keep curling up so I trip over it all day. I will It moves around the floor so easily that the Roomba pushes it instead of vacuuming over it. We had another cheap rug in the same place and never had an issue with that one so it's definitely the rug. If it wasn't for those two issues I would really love it. I haven't noticed any stains and it still looks great other than the curled edges.

Berres Christine
1 Month In, 2 Spills, No Stain

So far, I am loving this rug - the pattern and durability (if I can say that at only one month post-purchase). I bought this rug not wanting to spend a ton given we've had to buy our fair share of furniture since moving into our new home this spring. I was hesitant given I've seen a lot of rugs that cost $500+. We bought the 8x10, it fits perfectly in our living area and we've already given it the spill test... twice. The biggest of the two was an entire glass of hibiscus juice. We dabbed it up with a paper towel, doused it in a soup, vinegar and baking soda mixture and then finished the cleaning with a bit of water. It left no stain. Def. very happy with this at this point.

Very happy with this purchase

Very pretty. Made a tiny corner of my basement into a cozy corner for shooting videos. Still building it out but the rig really brings the space to life!I love it. Very soft, very pretty, and so far so good with foot traffic. I have only had it for a week so we shall see how it keeps up over time.As of now, I'm pleased with it.