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Cololight Light Strip Extension | 60LEDs/M

Cololight Light Strip Extension | 60LEDs/M

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The Cololight extension water-resistant light strip will only work when connecting to a Cololight RGB lighting strip. Perfect for outdoor and indoor decoration use.
  • Water-resistant
  • Cuttable at any length.
  • Maximum light effect customization with individual bead control.
  • Transform music into dynamic symphonies of color and light.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, and more...
  • Group Control with Cololight Devices.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Just what you'd ask for ??

Turned out just as good as I'd hoped. Brightened up the corner! The directions were easy enough but I could see how you could mess it up if you didn't pay attention. Super like that it plugs into the USB port on the tv rather than a wire hanging off the back going to a wall outlet. Only downside is I wish it was a littleeee cheaper bc I want one for every tv now!

Bought this for every tvs in our rooms.

Made our tv setups look awesome. Also use this as our night lights. For both our 65" tvs i had to use two more strips for the bottom part of the tv. Looks better. For the 32" in our sons bedroom it is almost too much light atleast we can put it on lowest setting. One pack works with 32".

Chase H.
Better than I was expecting!

I was weary of these lights since the price was cheaper than most, however, they look and work great! Instructions were clear and it only took ten minutes to install on my 55 inch TV. I was tired of watching TV with all of the lights on and this was a perfect medium, creates a great, relaxing vibe!

Lo Frenzel
Priced right!

Although I wish the adhesive strip was a bit stronger and the strip of lights were a tad bit longer for our 43' TVs, the price was right for these and we bought and used three sets for our kids game room TVs. I loved the convenience of plugging these in with a USB on the back of the smart TV - eliminating one more cord we'd have to see.

Exactly what I wanted! Easy to install!

Exactly as expected! Easier to do than I thought. I have a 55 inch tv and used the little connector things included to round the corners at the top. I have one long strip along the top and two on the sides. Remote appears to be working wonderfully and the Smooth mode is what I have it on, which slowly changes through each color. I love these lights!

Dan Hudson
Amazing product

There is one behind our tv here an one large one on each bunk in our RV ! We also have one around the ceiling in the bedroom and it goes around the back of the tv then plugs into the usb in the tv. I can't say enough about these! I just hope they don't sell out!

Amazing. Been using these for 1-2 years

Really great LED lights. Started off using it for behind my desk. Around june this year, I bought another for my TV. The remote works for both (obviously). This picture was taken during the DAY by the way. Shows you how good they are. I'm planning on buying 3-4 more for all my monitors and extend the one on my tv to make it do a full 360 around the TV. Overall, super satisfied and will be buying more!

Added Ambience

The light strips were easy to install but I do foresee adhesion issues in the future. The brightness, multiple colors, and effects are easy to select but the keypad on the remote feels cheap and is too soft for my tastes. I'd find a color scheme that works for you and put the remote in a safe place, especially if you have little ones runnin' about. Otherwise you'll end up w/ dead buttons and/or punctures on the surface. Also, switch the color to red when watching a horror flick. It gives it a little something extra ; )

Great Way to Backlight

Honestly these lights are pretty awesome, I wasn't expecting too much from them even though the reviews are all great just because reviews aren't always correct or someome expected something different than you, but this lived up to my expectations. The only possible fault isnt with the lights themselves but with the strands that their attached to. The adhesive isn't the strongest so don't expect to pull on them really hard and not have them fall off, and the connectors that connect each strand could be a little more flexible. The piece where you plug a usb into is also fairly large and bulky so plan ahead before you place them!

Lights work great

Very happy with the lights. They all worked right out of the box. I installed them on a 55 inch TV. Installation took about 15 minutes. I recommend that you first use scotch tape to set the lights location. Once your happy with the location you then can remove the tape paper and apply pressure to the tape. I installed them at the outer edge of the TV. I ended up covering a few screw heads with the lights. The tape is very sticky so make sure you know where you want them located. The more open space on the wall around the TV, the better the light projects. Pictures and wall hangings tend to interfere with the lights. Who wants Aunt Sadie's face showing in green light. A little scary.