Tips For Buying Cuban Link Gold Chain

Cuban link chains (or often called Miami Cuban Link Chains) are a unique kind of jewelry. The necklace's links have flattened faces and are sturdy and substantial.

Due to their robust design and heavy weight, Cuban link chains are typically found as gold necklaces and bracelets for men. A Cuban Concave Contour is a more popular variation for women. This variation typically has rounder, less substantial links and a thinner overall appearance.


These are 6 tips to consider before buying Cuban Link Chain:

Gold Purity

Pure gold is soft enough in its natural form to be marked with a tool. One traditional test for a gold coin's reliability involves biting it and looking for damage, which shows how malleable pure gold is. Jewelry makers combine it with other steels to create an alloy since it is so soft. Other steels, like as silver, copper, nickel, and palladium, are frequently used to create these alloys. When used in the right ratios, alloys can change the hue of gold to create white or rose gold. Pure gold is rarely used to make jewelry because it could not withstand everyday wear without flexing unhealthily.

Karat Type

Producers of Cuban Link Chains use traditional gold purity, which is indicated by karats, to let customers know how much anything costs. Their jewelry is made of pure gold. One carat is equal to 24 parts of gold. As a result, pure gold, also known as 24-karat or 24K gold, contains 24 different elements in 24 of gold. The most popular gold alloy, 14-karat gold, contains 14 parts made of pure gold and the remaining 10 parts are composed of other metals.

What Size are you looking for?

Are you looking for collar length? Do you like it to go up to a lovely V above your breast? Do you want it to hang closer to your tummy or longer? The most common and well-liked chain size is 18 inches. It isn't overly brief. (Such as a 16 ′′ Collar) It is the perfect size to be seen.

Selecting the Link Type

The kind of link you select for your Cuban link gold chain will certainly determine exactly how conveniently it will kink as well as how most likely it will certainly be to damage.

For instance, flat chains are more prone to twisting, such as the herringbone and omega chains.

The round snake chain link type is another problematic kind. These chains are more likely to spin and catch on your clothing, and a kinked necklace may be very difficult or even impossible to straighten out.

Inspect the Clasp

Make sure the clasp on your gold Cuban-link chain is strong and easy to break. The lobster grip is among the best options because it is sturdy and does close easily if you pull your chain more firmly.

Many chains had a spring-loaded ring clasp; while less expensive, these clasps are typically slim and also less reliable and secure than the lobster hold.

Check If the Chain Is Smooth

The surface area of Cuban link gold chains is a characteristic that is frequently disregarded: Ensure that it is smooth.

Although you might think this is not a big deal, if the chain is rough and you use it for a while, it will irritate your skin. Check the chain with your fingers to make sure there are no sharp pieces that could scratch your skin or snag on your clothes.

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