The Definitive History of the Cuban Link Chain

Since ancient times, people have worn chains, especially ones that were gold in tone. They were worn by the ancient Egyptians to ward off evil spirits.

It was a sign of strength and power as well as a lucky charm. King wars were waged for its gold.

The concept is the same today as it was then. Rappers in particular are covered from head to toe in glitter. The Cuban link chain, of course, shines the brightest among all of that glitter.

The Cuban link holds its own as a fashion symbol despite not having the same history as conventional gold-colored chains. Where did it begin, though? How has it changed over time?

What's more, how do you get one? Don't worry; we'll explain everything to you.

What is a Cuban Link?

A Cuban link chain, often known as Miami jewelry, has a thick texture. To draw attention to the links, it is interlaced in a distinctive pattern.

It stands out more thanks to this procedure. If you have a large, heavy chain around your neck, people on the street are more likely to notice it and possibly even stare.

Therefore, it makes sense why rappers favor the Cuban connection. It displays their success for all to see, reflecting what they have accomplished. In fact, the history of this chain is inextricably linked to the development of hip-hop.

Where Did It Start?

Nobody is aware. Although numerous rappers have staked claims to starting it all, the precise date is unknown. Cuban connections most likely started in the late 1970s.

Those were the early years of hip-hop, as you can see. Block parties featuring hip-hop music were first held in the Bronx in 1973, thanks to DJ Kool Herc. He brought his sense of fashion along.

It had bell bottoms, large sunglasses, and of course a thick chain—all disco-inspired. This style was imitated by other MCs. Kurtis Blow is well-known for dressing up in gold chains for the cover of his debut album, which was fitting considering it was rap's first gold-certified release.

How Has It Changed

As the years passed, the music evolved, wealth grew, and new celebrities introduced their own interpretations of hip-hop style. However, the substantial gold-colored Cuban link chains never fell out of style.

Rap was booming, and its stars wore their wealth around their necks to show it off. The pattern persisted into the new millennium.

The Sneaker United Difference Today

Rap is more popular than ever today. Internet users trawl for ways to imitate their favorite rappers.

It is not unexpected.

Chains in particular are a status symbol in jewelry. They serve as milestone markers. They boost your self-esteem and give your outfit more elegance.

In thirty years, things have changed. 2018 could bring about a chain reaction that some wearers of precious metal won't particularly enjoy.

Don't let cost prevent you from looking good, though. To look like a rapper, you don't need to spend like one.

At Sneaker United New York, we make our Cuban links with hypoallergenic stainless steel. What does that mean? It means anyone can wear them.

We present rap as being approachable to all. Now, the only issue is:

Where Can You Get Yours?

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You can choose between a metallic black finish, a polished steel finish, or a gold-colored finish. They have an adjustable width of eight millimeters, a one-millimeter thickness, and adjustable lengths of 13.5" to 17.5". The ratio of length to thickness is ideal.

At Sneaker United New York, we provide exquisite, gender-neutral Cuban links that won't resemble the 1980s' golden ropes. You won't need to file for bankruptcy to attract attention.

A Cuban connection will always be in vogue. You can invest risk-free in your future in the fashion industry by purchasing one. Why not adore it?

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