How to Wear a Cuban Link Chain

One of those uncommon items that speaks for itself is a Cuban link chain. It is unnecessary to discuss the relevance, history, or meaning of Cuban ties. Everyone is aware of this! The fact that they have seen Scarface and are familiar with hip-hop speaks for itself.

The proper technique to wear a Cuban link chain, though, isn't always obvious. Cuban links look out of place in some clothes, places, and circumstances while they are the ideal accessory in others.

You might benefit from a quick education in fashion and some practical experience wearing these storied links for yourself in order to harness the power of the Cuban necklace.

Here's everything you should know to maximize your appearance every time you wear a Cuban link chain.


The Right Size

Wearing a necklace that is too large or too little is a simple way to ruin your Cuban link ensemble right away. Let's face it, you're not a member of Run DMC, and unless you're already famous, it's unlikely that you'll ever wear a huge, obscene chain.

Aim slightly below those dimensions to hit the sweet spot because the largest chain that is appropriate to wear is typically no larger than 10mm thick and 24 inches long.

On the other hand, a chain that is too thin and short might not have the desired impact on the Cuban link experience.

These chains should ideally hang directly above the middle of the chest and match the proportion of your clothing.


The Right Outfit

Why bother putting any effort into the rest of your outfit if you're going to wear an expensive, dazzling Cuban link chain? If you want to rock some Cubans, use that as motivation to develop a more comprehensive sense of style. This will help you leave a much more lasting impression.

Focus on enhancing your clothing with high-quality materials that compliment the color and texture of the links because your shirt will stand out more when a chain attracts attention to your chest area.

Any Cuban link will look excellent in neutral hues like white, black, blue, and grey. Don't be afraid to layer with an undershirt and button-down. Then wear some dressy chinos or jeans.

Knowing the distinction between overly casual and severely underdressed is key to wearing Cuban links. Additionally, try to refrain from overdressing with a Cuban chain since this type of jewelry is not intended to be paired with expensive suits and formal attire.

In light of this, you are able to wear Cuban links with high-end clothing as long as you maintain a somewhat casual atmosphere and concentrate on quality apparel from head to toe.

The Right Accessories

It will be a head-turner if you wear Cuban links around your neck. What about additional items that could balance out those intricate linkages and finish the look?

A necklace is just one component of the jigsaw, keep that in mind. It's time for men to improve in the other categories, such as bracelets, rings, and other motivating items.

If this is your first time wearing jewelry, you don't want to go overboard with the bling. So until you have a strong selection of items to choose from, it's all about easing into your new look and adding subtle pieces here and there.

One pro tip: stick with a single color scheme when starting your collection. With a silver Cuban link chain as the centerpiece, you'll be aware to look elsewhere for white gold, platinum, or silver. This will make it easier for you to coordinate your outfits and prevent pointless clashes.

The Right Setting

You're beginning to understand how to wear Cuban links, but setting and situation are also important factors in style. In some situations, it's appropriate to wear your biggest, baddest chains, while in others, accessorizing should be done in a more restrained manner.

Before selecting your jewelry loadout, use your best judgment to gauge the mood and atmosphere of the event, and then modify your appearance as needed throughout the day or night.

The important thing about Cuban necklaces is that they can easily be tucked into your shirt and still leave a lasting impression.

The Right Attitude

Finally, when wearing Cuban links, you need to exude an extra dose of swagger and confidence. Instead of trembling, talk with confidence and stand a little straighter.

When you have a self-assured attitude that matches it, your Cuban connections will shine more brightly, and you will find that you are more likely to enjoy life.


Cuban Links Worn Right

Although wearing jewelry is a form of self-expression, there is a right way to do it. Utilize this tutorial to learn how to wear Cuban links and to increase your collection.

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