"Here, everything about sneakers."

"Here, everything about sneakers."

Speaking of SneakerUnited, a shoebox brand founded in 2019, it has become the first choice for shoe collectors to collect and maintain shoes. High-quality shoeboxes and perfect after-sales service also make SneakerUnited accumulate a lot of popularity.

What steps does a shoebox brand need to take to be recognized by trendsetters?

Compared with optimizing functions, it isn't easy to be recognized by trend lovers. Anna, the market leader of SneakerUnited, remembers that around 2019, there were many sneaker storage boxes on the market, but "many brands disappeared after a short time."

Brands that the market can leave have apparent similarities in products.

The essential thing is that the height of the shoe storage box must be high enough, and the capacity must be large sufficient because many shoes, including AJ, are high-top shoes. For example, the standard size of shoeboxes sold by SneakerUnited is 36cm long, 29cm wide, and 22cm high, which can accommodate sneakers up to 15 yards.

Secondly, the bearing capacity of the shoebox should be strong, and the hardness should be high so that it can be freely combined and arranged in multiple layers. Therefore, the choice of material is significant. SneakerUnited shoeboxes are mainly made of acrylic and high permeability PC materials, which can stack in 30 layers, and the bearing capacity can reach 80-100 kg.

In addition, SneakerUnited considers that consumers want the shoe storage box to be easy to open and close and have strong sealing performance. Therefore, all shoe storage boxes use a magnet panel, which is convenient to take and take, and the opening and closing of the cover are more sealed.
In addition to these essential points, SneakerUnited also gives more functions to the advanced shoebox, such as LED and voice-controlled lights, to make the shoebox look more dazzling.

SneakerUnited has always insisted that the shoebox should have the function of storage and have the value of displaying and transmitting attitude.

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